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Certi-Vex SLU TC

Self leveling overlayment topping, solid, smooth, abrasion resistant surface.

CERTI-VEX SLU TC is a self-leveling repair and leveling restorative polymer modified cement topping designed for easy application from feathered edge to 1 inch over concrete floors that cures to a hard, traffic-wearing surface suitable for foot and light rubber-wheeled traffic. CERTI-VEX SLU TC may be color enhanced with integral colors, dyes, coatings or sealers. The product is designed for residential, commercial, retail, and office applications. It is not suitable for steel-wheeled traffic or forklift applications.


  • Self-leveling for smooth, flat floors
  • Exceptional coverage rate for maximum yield and value
  • Minimal shrinkage for outstanding resistance to cracking
  • Highly fluid for pumped or poured application
  • Ready for limited foot traffic in 4 hours
  • Fast turn around-ready for surface material in 24 hours
  • Maintains workability for over 30 minutes @ 70ยบ F
  • Reduced sound transmission


Gurad/Film Forming Sealers

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