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Green Construction

The increasing demands for today’s school, government, health care and other institutional construction requires more efficient building methods and maximum material performance. Vexcon’s technology and expertise offers the architect, contractor and owner a vast selection of high performance construction chemicals to meet the demands of today and continued performance for tomorrow. Go to our Green Initiatives section to learn more about our eco-friendly and LEED products.

Just Green

We are proud to introduce our newest brand, StarSeal EF which is the industry’s first complete product line of building materials specifically formulated to be environmentally responsible while maintaining the level of high performance our customers expect.

Our goal was to develop a line of products that significantly improved worker and building inhabitant’s air quality and reduced the effects of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) on the environment. By combining our unique position as a polymer resin producer and through innovative product research and development, we are capable of producing the industries’ lowest odor and VOC emitting materials.

The StarSeal EF products compliment our eco-friendly Certi-Shine, MoistureBloc and StarSeal PS product lines.

Download the StarSeal EF Brochure (PDF)
Download the StarSeal EF Product Line Summary Guide (PDF)

Cure & Seal Coatings

Products that will cure and seal new and existing concrete surfaces. These products will impart an attractive protective coating while providing protection from water and other staining.

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Curing Compounds

Products that insure the concrete properly cures and reaches its maximum long term hardiness and long term performance of the concrete surface.

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Epoxy Coatings

Products that are engineered to deliver superior performance and value for a wide range of environments in one easy system. This protective and decorative coating is extremely tough, providing excellent resistance to damage from wear, abrasion, impact and chemical attack. This seamless epoxy system is easy to clean with low maintenance requirements and feature Vexcon’s breathable technology.

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Form Treatments

Products that insure a clean and effective release of a variety of concrete forming material types.

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Surface Preparation & Specialty Cleaners

Products that assist in cleaning, preparing and maintaining concrete and other surfaces.

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Water & Stain Repellents

Products that provide protection from staining damaging affects of weather and salts while leaving the natural appearance of the protected surface intact..

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Wall Coatings

Advanced products which provide excellent adhesion, weathering and waterproofing protection against moisture penetration.

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Gurad/Film Forming Sealers

Penetrating Sealer and Concrete Curing in one easy-to-use product.