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Protect Floor Coverings from the Ground Up

Today’s fast-paced construction demands products that are easy to use while effectively preventing and solving concrete slab moisture issues. With MoistureBloc, floor covering can be economically installed without costly delays. MoistureBloc prevents and protects against floor adhesive failure on concrete surfaces containing elevated levels of moisture vapor. When properly applied prior to the installation of floor covering materials, MoistureBloc is guaranteed to reduce moisture vapor emissions as high as 27/#.

Meeting Your Installation Needs

MoistureBloc products are specially formulated to work together to meet the installation needs of almost any flooring project.

Three easy steps to prevent or solve moisture vapor emission problems

Step 1: Prepare the Surface

  • No shot blasting required
  • No costly and time consuing leveling or patching required
  • Apply to damp and new/fresh concrete

Step 2: Select and Install

Step 3: Floor Repair and Restoration

MoistureBloc floor restoration materials provide a permanent, smooth, durable finish prior to the isntallation of most floor coverings.

  • MoistureBloc Surface Bond
    Improves the bond between a MoistureBloc treated surface and leveling compound
  • MoistureBloc SLU
    High strength and fast setting self leveling underlayment designed to level and smooth interior substrates prior to installation of finished flooring
  • MositureBloc FP
    Polymer modified Portland cement-based patching and leveling compound that provides a smooth finish prior to floor covering installation
  • MoistureBloc Flexible Joint Sealant
    Breathable two part epoxy flexible joint filler designed for fast-track filling and sealing of moving joints

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