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Vexcon produces a wide range of Precast products to aid companies in achieving the efficiency and quality demanded throughout there production phase and beyond. We are your complete resource of products to keep wood, steel & aluminum forms clean, properly maintained and long lasting. We also offer products to repair and finish as well as chemicals to release, cure and protect finished precast concrete components. You can count on Vexcon Precast products to perform every time. We back up all our products with industry leading warranties.


Vexcon offers products designed specifically to keep your forms performing at there very best. Certi-Vex Concrete Remover quickly and easily removes concrete buildup from forms, equipment and tools. Certi-Vex Rust Remover removes rust from metal forms and Certi-Vex Rust Protector provides long term protection of steel forms from rust.


Our form releases come in a wide range of formulations to meet your specific requirements. Certi-Vex PC Release is our premium release containing special hydro treated oil, surface active release agents and rust inhibitors designed specifically for precast and prestressed applications. StarSeal EF 1500 and StarSeal EF Bio Release are next generation, high performing water-based and biodegradable releases containing technologically advanced additives producing performance equal to oil base releases. StarSeal EZ Lift is our water base bond breaker for concrete casting requirements. Our releases help to keep your forms in top condition while preventing concrete build up on the form surface and leave no residue on the placed formed concrete. You can count on Vexcon’s releases to produce smooth concrete surfaces.


User friendly repair products including, Certi-Vex Patch FS, Certi-Vex Patch RTU and Certi-Vex Patch FP are engineered to fit your particular needs. Our products will correct, repair and improve the appearance of precast/prestressed concrete components.


Vexcon offers a number of high quality and easy to use concrete curing compounds and surface applied water repellent protective treatments. Our products help improve the overall quality, long term performance and appearance of precast/prestressed concrete components.


Gurad/Film Forming Sealers

Penetrating Sealer and Concrete Curing in one easy-to-use product.