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Vexcon produces a wide range of Precast products to aid companies in achieving the efficiency and quality demanded throughout there production phase and beyond. We are your complete resource of products to keep wood, steel & aluminum forms clean, properly maintained and long lasting. We also offer products to repair and finish as well as chemicals to release, cure and protect finished precast concrete components. You can count on Vexcon Precast products to perform every time. Click here to download a market specific sell sheet.

Curing Compounds

Our complete line of curing compounds are engineered to promote the long-term life and performance of new concrete

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Form Release Agents & Treatments

Vexcon non-staining form release treatments extend the service life of forms and protect formwork from concrete so stripping and form cleaning are quicker and easier.

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Penetrating Sealers/Water Repellents

Vexcon’s breathable, highly reactive silane-based water repellents extend the life of concrete and masonry structures. Without changing the natural appearance or texture, these products penetrate deep into vertical and horizontal substrates. They provide maximum protection against the costly damaging effects of mildew, erosion from water, salts, deicing chemicals, corrosion and spalling.

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Repair Mortars, Grouts & Epoxies

Long lasting restoration requires high performance products engineered to eliminate future repairs. Our complete line of user friendly repair products will restore integrity and strength too many structures and include cementitious patching and repair mortars, bonding agents, resurfacing and epoxy materials used for structural, nonstructural and cosmetic repairs of horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.

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Gurad/Film Forming Sealers

Penetrating Sealer and Concrete Curing in one easy-to-use product.