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Vexcon Chemicals delivers the most complete and technically advanced product line of chemical and related materials for use in site cast tilt-up construction. Through our technical expertise and experience Vexcon has continually developed new and innovative products to meet the modern requirements and benefits of tilt-up construction.
tca-logo Site cast tilt-up construction offers an architecturally appealing, cost effective, durable and sustainable building method, as well as design flexibility for many types of building structures. Our products are designed to meet these unique requirements delivering aesthetic appeal, durability, performance and value.

Vexcon offers a complete integrated product line of tilt-up companion products including bond breakers, floor treatments and architectural finishes designed to work together yielding architecturally appealing and durable buildings.

Architectural Finishes

Vexcon offers a wide selection of architectural finishes for the owner and design professional. High performing breathable and functional wall coatings, water repellents and stain repellents based on acrylic, silane/acrylic, silane and polyurethane technologies that add aesthetics, hide imperfections and provide long term protection from the elements. Products are available in many formulations, finishes and textures.

Bond Breakers

Vexcon’s innovative technically advanced Clean Lift bond breakers are the only bond breakers engineered to comply with ASTM C309 curing standard. These two in one products save material and labor costs, reduce panel surface defects and yield properly cured concrete improving the overall quality and long term performance of the floor. Get the facts and learn more about the benefits of proper curing.

Floor Treatments

Vexcon offers functional as well as architectural finished flooring options. Our innovative breathable high performance epoxy and urethane coatings add aesthetics, durability, chemical and abrasion resistance. Floor hardeners provide a sealed, durable, and low maintenance floor. Polished concrete provides a sealed, durable, and low maintenance floor with an architectural finish. Cure and Seals offer an economical, decorative and functional option to the finished floor.


A variety of fast setting, high strength and polymer modified repair mortars for quick and easy repair of vertical, overhead and horizontal concrete as well as the correction of wall panel surface imperfections. High strength, non shrink grouts for grout pads and environmentally friendly form treatments for forming applications.

You can count on Vexcon tilt up products to perform every time. We back up all our products with industry leading warranties. We also offer a comprehensive master warranty which incorporates each products individual warranty and guarantees total compatibility of all Vexcon Chemical’s products used in your tilt up project.

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Gurad/Film Forming Sealers

Penetrating Sealer and Concrete Curing in one easy-to-use product.