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The development, maintenance and improvement of our transportation infrastructure is critical to sustain economic growth. For more than three decades, Vexcon has consistently delivered durable, proven, attractive and cost effective products designed to meet the specific demands of building and maintaining our transportation network. Click here to download a market specific sell sheet.

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Our high-build urethane coating is an effective barrier against paints, markers, physical abrasion and corrosion in addition to resistance to commonly encountered acids, alkali chemicals, gasoline, brake fluid, alcohols and UV light. Our system is ideally suited for educational, commercial, food handling, industrial, and transportation environments, or wherever a durable coating is required to protect from graffiti.

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Bond Breakers

Chemically reactive water and solvent based bond breakers for easier tilt-up construction.

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Bonding, Anchoring & Traffic Coatings

Whether repairing a crack, anchoring, patching, resurfacing or bonding two surfaces Vexcon has the right product to fit your particular application requirements. Make the right product choice with our single component latex and two component 100% solids moisture tolerant epoxies available in various strengths and viscosities.

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Corrosion Control

Breathable, long lasting, cost effective protection products provide building owners, engineers, highway agencies and contractors corrosion management and prevention strategies for steel reinforced concrete for new construction as well as existing concrete where the onset of corrosion and resulting deterioration of the concrete has occurred.

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Cure & Seal Coatings

Protect, improve and beautify new or existing concrete with the widest selection of cure & seal products.

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Curing Compounds

Our complete line of curing compounds are engineered to promote the long-term life and performance of new concrete.

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Epoxy Coatings

High performance epoxy floor coatings that are durable, functional and decorative.

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Other Products

General all purpose products that help aid in a successful and ascetically pleasing application of Vexcon’s products.

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Penetrating Sealers / Stain Repellents

Breathable protective treatments that control staining for a variety of surfaces.

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Penetrating Sealers / Water Repellents

Deep-penetrating invisible barrier of protection to extend the service life of concrete and masonry structures.

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Repair Mortars, Grouts & Epoxies

Long lasting restoration requires high performance products engineered to eliminate future repairs. Our complete line of user friendly repair products will restore integrity and strength too many structures and include cementitious patching and repair mortars, bonding agents, resurfacing and epoxy materials used for structural, nonstructural and cosmetic repairs of horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.

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Sealers / Film Forming

Deep penetrating, breathable silane sealers and curing acrylic/silane coatings provide protection from chemicals, salts, water and UV light.

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Wall Coatings

Weather and waterproofing coatings that provide protection from the elements and improve the appearance of concrete and masonry vertical surfaces.

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Gurad/Film Forming Sealers

Penetrating Sealer and Concrete Curing in one easy-to-use product.