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Admixtures, Surface & Evaporation Retarders

Use Vexcon’s accelerating admixtures to increase the early set times and strength gains of concrete. Ideal for cold weather use and during normal temperatures for fast rack installations providing cost savings from quicker finishing of flat work and early form removal. Our acrylic admixtures will improve the strength, durability and resistance to chemicals, freeze-thaw cycles and UV light of finished concrete. Evaporation retarders are ideal to reduce the evaporation or cure rate and extend finishing time of fresh concrete on hot and windy days.

StarSeal Envio Set & Envio Set F

Top surface retarder for exposing aggregate in horizontal and vertical concrete.

STARSEAL ENVIO SET is a concrete top surface retarding agent and conditioner. Apply to fresh concrete to inhibit the setting of the top surface layer while the remainder of the concrete cures normally. After the concrete sets or forms are removed, simply and easily remove StarSeal Envio Set and unhardened mortar to reveal a beautifully textured exposed aggregate surface.


  • Allows removal of the top layer of freshly placed concrete to reveal the natural colors of the various aggregates
  • Water borne for environmentally sensitive areas
  • Pink color for ease of application
  • Easily exposes aggregate
  • Low odor

StarSeal Envio Strong

Acrylic admixture that improves flexural strength of cement based mixes. Reducing concrete slab cracking and Improving wear, impact, freeze/thaw and chemical resistance.

STARSEAL ENVIO STRONG is a technically advanced non re-emulsifiable modified vinyl emulsion polymer designed for use as an admixture to Portland cement mixes to improve adhesion and mechanical properties as an ASTM C 1059, Type II Bonding Agent.

Concrete or mortar prepared using StarSeal Envio Strong exhibits fast curing, good resistance to most common industrial chemicals, ultra violet light and high adhesion to many surfaces.


  • Non re-emulsifiable
  • Improves bond strength
  • Increases durability under freeze/thaw cycling
  • Resists most common industrial chemicals
  • Reduces cracking
  • Interior and exterior use for vertical and horizontal applications


Gurad/Film Forming Sealers

Penetrating Sealer and Concrete Curing in one easy-to-use product.