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Decorative Concrete

Transform any concrete surface into a visually appealing, durable, long lasting decorative concrete. Our products can be counted on to give you the highest quality and consistent results while maintaining the economical nature of concrete. Our technical experts are available to match your flooring’s performance, usage and design requirements with a solution to beautify and extend the life of your decorative concrete.

Ideal for new or existing, residential and commercial construction our easy to use professional grade products are designed from the ground up to provide protection from the elements, durability form everyday used while enhancing the maintaining the beauty of your investment.

Whether stained, stamped, colored or exposed aggregate, Vexcon has the products you need to prepare, protect and enhance your decorative concrete.

Clean and Prepare

When it’s time to remove efflorescence, atmospheric staining, paint, dirt, oil, and other contaminants cleaning is the first step in preparing the surface. Vexcon had the surface preparation products to properly prepare and clean new & existing exterior and interior surfaces and are compatible with all our protect and enhance products.

Protect and Enhance

Selecting the correct products to protect and enhance your decorative concrete will depend upon finding the right balance between expected performance and cost. Other factors to consider when selecting a product are; conditions the area will be subjected to such as weather, amount of foot or vehicle traffic and whether proper curing to ASTM standards is desired for new concrete. Selecting and maintaining the correct product will extend the life of your concrete and keep it looking great for years to come.

Epoxy & Urethane Coatings

Our innovative breathable high performance PowerCoat® brand of expoies and urethanes offers great durability, chemical and abrasion resistance. Vexcon’s breathable epoxies and urethanes will last longer then other protective treatments but tend to cost more and should be used by experienced contractors. These products can be used on new or existing concrete and are available in different light to heavy duty performance grades, sheen’s and colors.

Cure & Seal Coatings

A more economical alternative is to use one of our many breathable Certi-Vex® or StarSeal® brands of acrylic sealers. These are available in solvent and low odor water base, recommended for interior use, are non-yellowing for exterior use and available in different sheen’s, from flat to high gloss finishes as well as many attractive colors. These products will not whiten when exposed to moisture,offer good protection from the elements, are easy to use and can be applied to new or existing decorative concrete.

Concrete Coloring System

Transforms new or rejuvenates existing colored and gray concrete surfaces with Vexon’s flexible and easy to use semi-transparent and solid color tinting system. This tintable permanent, penetrating water base curing and sealing compound material products a low maintenance, easy to clean and attractive protective coating that improves resistance to staining, oils, water ans salts.

Polished Concrete

Transform ordinary concrete into beautiful, high performing, economical polished floors. Choose form high gloss to a satin sheen with unlimited color possibilities for a low maintenance, durable floor guaranteed to change your definition of concrete. Certhi-Shine Polished Concrete: its where science and art join for a lasting shine.

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Gurad/Film Forming Sealers

Penetrating Sealer and Concrete Curing in one easy-to-use product.