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Certi-Vex AC 1315 Super Seal HG

CERTI-VEX AC 1315 SUPER SEAL HG is a premium high gloss, low VOC solvent base cure and seal coating for new and existing concrete surfaces. Certi-Vex AC 1315 Super Seal HG leaves a protective coating and is an excellent cure material for long term concrete performance. Certi-Vex AC 1315 Super Seal HG provides better protection from the damaging effects of water penetration and staining. It also will enhance the color and impart an attractive high gloss to colored and natural concrete surfaces. Certi-Vex AC 1315 Super Seal HG features Vexcon’s breathable technology which allows moisture vapor to pass through rather than becoming trapped, preventing whitening, peeling and flaking.

The product is designed for use on exterior above and below grade architectural concrete where a premium, long lasting, high gloss shine is required.


  • Low VOC <350 grams/liter
  • Provides for complete development of concrete’s wear resistance and strength properties
  • Non-yellowing
  • High Gloss
  • Meets ASTM C-1315 Type 1 Class A
  • Apply to damp surfaces without whitening or loss of adhesion
  • Seals and hardens surface reducing clean-up and maintenance
  • Better protection against staining, attack by alkali, oil, cleaners, water penetration and common industrial chemicals
  • Prevents efflorescence, dusting and spalling
  • Fast drying
  • Vexcon breathable technology
  • Apply to temperatures as low as 20°F (-6° C)


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