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Certi-Vex Block Fill

CERTI-VEX BLOCK FILL is a styrene acrylic, high-build, solvent base coating applied to masonry block concrete to fill in the pores and capillaries and provide a uniform, sealed surface. It contains fibers, which assist in bridging holes and voids and provides an excellent bond between the substrate and subsequent top coats. Available in two versions to meet your requirements, both of which meet Federal Specification 1098-wind driven rain test: Smooth or Fibered. For a complete decorative waterproofing system topcoat with Certi-Vex HBC Smooth or StarSeal HBC Smooth Emulsion to meet TTC-555B.


  • Meets all the performance requirements of Federal specification TT-F-1098 wind driven rain test
  • Flexible and durable
  • Provides an excellent bond between porous substrates and top coating
  • Apply over fresh concrete and mortar
  • Provides a uniform background and sealed surface
  • One coat application
  • Ready mixed
  • Accepts most topcoats
  • Fills in pores and capillaries
  • Apply to temperatures as low as 20°F (-6° C)



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