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Certi-Vex Envio Cure Asphalt

CERTI-VEX ENVIO CURE ASPHALT is an emulsified hydrocarbon resin based curing compound ideal for use on fresh concrete that will be subsequently coated with bituminous mastic (asphalt) compounds, as well a sealer for new asphalt to seal off pores, hairline cracks, to provide water resistance, and to consolidate the new surface. Certi-Vex Envio Cure Asphalt dries quickly to form a tough, continuous, protective membrane. This film allows the concrete to develop maximum strength during its early hardening stage. On asphaltic pavements, it seals against the damaging effects of water and salt penetration.


  • Low VOC <100 grams/liter
  • When used as a concrete cure, provides for complete development of concrete’s wear resistance and strength properties
  • Meets ASTM C-309 Type 1 Class A
  • When used as a sealer on patches, prevents cracking and early evaporation from the patching material
  • Quick drying


Gurad/Film Forming Sealers

Penetrating Sealer and Concrete Curing in one easy-to-use product.