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Certi-Vex Guard AIM

CERTI-VEX GUARD Clear AIM is a low VOC clear innovative one step penetrating silane water repellent and cure in one product that can be applied to new or existing concrete. It immediately penetrates the pores and capillaries of the concrete reacting with the alkali and moisture to form a hydrophobic gel in the pores and a water retentive coating on the surface. The product meets ASTM curing requirements and the Chloride Ion Penetration requirements of NCHRP 244. Certi-Vex Guard Clear AIM restricts moisture loss allowing concrete to reach maximum hardness and optimal long term performance while reducing staining, and the damaging affects of chloride, water, salt and deicer chemical penetration.

This innovative one-step product eliminates the costly removal of curing compounds and time consuming water curing of fresh concrete when a protective penetrating water repellent sealer is desired. Once applied, the surface is properly cured and water repellent in on application and puts concrete into service weeks sooner.


  • Improves long term protection to exterior concrete from water and salt damage
  • Seals out water, oil, grease and other stains. See TN107A
  • Enhances surface appearance
  • Vexcon breathable technology
  • Cure fresh concrete
  • Minimizes crazing and shrinkage cracks
  • Deep penetration for maximum protection
  • Complete projects faster
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Quick formation of surface repellency and chemical resistance
  • Non-yellowing
  • Low VOC


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