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Certi-Vex Patch UW

CERTI-VEX PATCH UW is engineered with portland cement, finely graded aggregates, and shrinkage compensated materials to provide a rapid setting and strength gain repair mortar for tidal zone and underwater placements. The product can be used for fast repairs to seawalls, piers, pilings and other underwater surfaces. When properly used the material exhibits exceptional strength and excellent resistance to wash out.


  • Rapid set times 10 – 20 minutes
  • Repairs underwater and at hi tide/low tide mark
  • Rapid early strength gain
  • Non-shrink
  • Feather edge repairs up to 2 inches
  • Excellent freeze/thaw resistance
  • Good bond, tensile and flexural strength
  • Contains no chlorides, metals or gypsum
  • Pumpable and flowable
  • Salt water resistant
  • Resists washout


Gurad/Film Forming Sealers

Penetrating Sealer and Concrete Curing in one easy-to-use product.