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Certi-Vex Penseal CT

CERTI-VEX PENSEAL CT is a surface applied preventative corrosion treatment for new concrete or as part of a corrosion repair system to existing concrete. The product penetrates concrete and provides an organo-functional molecule to inhibit the electro-chemical interaction between rebar and chloride ions, oxygen and moisture within concrete. Easy to apply, Certi-Vex Penseal CT penetrates the concrete and chemically bonds with steel, cement paste and other siliceous material present in concrete.

Because corrosion is stopped before it happens, Certi-Vex Penseal CT provides a cost effective long term solution to potential costly repairs of reinforced concrete structures. Certi-Vex Penseal CT is also effective on concrete with evidence of corrosion. Certi-Vex Pensal CT can be used to reduce the rate of continuing corrosion.


  • Effectively inhibits corrosion of steel reinforced concrete
  • Cost effective long term corrosion solution
  • Reduces rate of chloride-ion induced corrosion
  • Reduces corrosion in carbononated concrete
  • Increase service life of structure
  • Reduces repair costs
  • Will not discolor or change the surface appearance or texture
  • Breathable and will not entrap moisture
  • Repels water and chloride ions
  • Reduces wet-dry & freeze-thaw cycles


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