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MoistureBloc Universal

MOISTUREBLOC UNIVERSAL is a water base one component, economical vapor reduction product based on unique breathable technology which prevents and protects against floor adhesive failure on concrete surfaces containing elevated levels of moisture vapor. MoistureBloc Universal is ideal for use with urethane and epoxy reactive adhesives. When applied prior to the installation of floor covering materials such as VCT, carpet, linoleum, vinyl and wood the system is guaranteed to reduce moisture vapor emissions (MVER) from as high as 8/# per ASTM F-1869 calcium chloride test results to below 3.0#/1000 sq. ft./24hrs. MoistureBloc Universal is an easy to use one coat application and due to its superior penetration and adhesion does not require extensive surface preparation or surface profiling such as shot blasting and can be applied to damp, tightly finished or densified surfaces.

MoistureBloc Universal can be applied to existing and newly place concrete surfaces properly curing the concrete for fast track project completion and quick installation of floor covering material.


  • Reduces moisture vapor readings up to 8 lbs. to under 3 lbs.
  • Ideal for reactive adhesives
  • Adhesive ready in 12 hours
  • Easy one coat application
  • Does not require shot blasting or other mechanical surface preparation
  • Low odor
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis and reduces the moisture environment which allows mold and fungus to grow
  • Low installed cost
  • Cures new concrete for fast installation.
  • Apply to damp and new concrete surfaces
  • Full floor warranty


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