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StarSeal EF Cure

STARSEAL EF CURE is part of Vexcon’s complete line of environmentally friendly products designed to protect and improve concrete and masonry while leaving a lower environmental footprint. StarSeal EF Cure is a clear curing compound applied to freshly place concrete surfaces forming a tough, continuous, protective membrane. This membrane acts as a barrier allowing for low moisture transmission and maximum development of the concrete’s strength and wear resistance during concrete’s early hardening stage. The protective film will not discolor the concrete and dissipates as exposed to UV, weather and traffic.


  • Low VOC <100 grams/liter
  • Provides for complete development of concrete’s wear resistance and strength properties
  • Meets ASTM C-309 Type 1 or 1D, Class A&B
  • VOC compliant in every state
  • Low moisture transmission rates optimizes water retention
  • Prevents efflorescence, dusting, and spalling
  • Available with a factory supplied dye to aid in verification of application
  • Three grades to choose from
  • Increase resistance to cracking and surface crazing
  • Interior and exterior use


Gurad/Film Forming Sealers

Penetrating Sealer and Concrete Curing in one easy-to-use product.