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StarSeal EF Weather Repel

STARSEAL EF WEATHER REPEL is an economical commercial and residential grade water base silane water repellent treatments for use on brick, block, concrete, cement, plaster and stucco. Assists in preventing efflorescence, damage from freeze/thaw and protects surfaces from destructive water penetration.

Recommended for sidewalks, driveways, walkways, decorative concrete and as a general purpose water repellent treatment.


  • Good protection against salt corrosion, deicing chemicals, mildew, water, surface spalling from freeze/thaw cycles.
  • Life expectancy of masonry greatly extended
  • Keeps surface cleaner
  • Reduces on-going maintenance and repair costs
  • Water base -safer to use -low odor
  • Does not alter natural surface texture and appearance
  • Economical silane penetrating sealer
  • Vertical and Horizontal surfaces



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