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StarSeal EF Weather & Stain Guard

STARSEAL EF WEATHER & STAIN GUARD is an advanced water base weather, stain and discoloration protective non film forming treatment for horizontal and vertical hard, porous, decorative and functional surfaces. StarSeal EF Weather & Stain Guard’s deep penetrating and pore clogging formula creates a molecular bond within the surfaces pores yielding unequaled stain protection from food, salts, water, oil, dirt, acids and other common stains. StarSeal EF Weather & Stain Guard also protects against the damaging effects of weather-related conditions such as wind-driven rain, freeze/thaw cycles, moisture and chloride ion intrusion from deicing salts. Surfaces treated with StarSeal EF Weather & Stain Guard have a totally natural appearance.


  • Advanced protective treatment prevents staining and discoloration
  • Protects natural and colored surfaces
  • Vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Interior and exterior surfaces
  • Breathable – Prevents damage from within by maintaining vapor permeability of substrate
  • An effective chloride screen reducing surface erosion and corrosion
  • Long lasting protection
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Suitable for alkaline concrete surfaces
  • Water base – safe to use – low odor
  • Reduces on-going maintenance and repair costs
  • Does not alter natural surface texture or appearance
  • Keeps surface cleaner



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