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Technical Support

Receive timely and accurate technical support from Vexcon’s dedicated Technical Service professionals. Our broad range of services includes:

  • Real-time help desk services
  • Product recommendations
  • Application advice
  • A variety of testing services are available

Contact us and let us help

Technical Service – 1-888-839-2661


7240 State Road

Philadelphia, PA 19135

Technological Expertise – (Water and Solvent Base Technology)

  • Acrylic
  • Cementitious
  • Cementitious/Epoxy
  • Epoxy
  • Green
  • Hydrocarbon
  • Silane
  • Silane/Acrylic Hybrids
  • Silicate
  • Urethane

Routine Services

Knowledgeable experts are available to answer your questions. Our team develops solutions specifically for your new construction or restoration project. Technical Services offers the following Routine Services:


Gurad/Film Forming Sealers

Penetrating Sealer and Concrete Curing in one easy-to-use product.